Bringing back the fun of grisly horror to heavy metal, New York City natives After Dark know a thing or two about kicking your ass. This bastard child of White Zombie, Down, Eyehategod, Danzig, and Alice Cooper has progressed beyond the sum of their influences to forge a sound at once propulsively heavy and unstoppably groovy, a potent blend fueled by lyrics that delve into the macabre.

From their humble beginnings on the stage of CBGB’s in 2004, the band has gone through all of the classic setbacks and lineup instabilities that plague musicians. After two years of solidifying its musical core and realizing its vision, the band dropped its Resurrection EP on the world in the fall of 2006, an off-the-cuff behemoth of riffs that was met with praise from critics and peers alike. Their ferocious live show over numerous dates, both local and on the road, only helps cement their reputation as a force to be reckoned with

Avoiding the fashioncore that surrounds heavy music like the plague nowadays, After Dark’s songwriting is focused on the elusive hook, the almighty riff that gets heads pounding and engines revving. With songwriting continuing in preparation for the forthcoming Ghost Rider single, After Dark’s reign is only growing bigger as increased interest helps to boost their already established reputation as fearsome purveyors of New York City metal with no strings attached. No tricks, no treats, just bloodcurdling metal with two devil horns planted firmly in your eye sockets. You’ll bleed, and you’ll come back begging for more.


Current Line-Up: Alex Dementia– Vokillz
Milwaukee Dave– Guitar
Ryan Farley– Bass
Bill Angelini – Drums